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From 5/31 through 6/13, you will complete your final exam, which is a practice English Regents Exam.  You will take the real English Regents Exam on 6/17, during finals week, as part of your graduation requirements; that real Regents Exam will not count toward your course average or overall final GPA, however.  Your final exam will consist instead of

  1. your score on 25  multiple-choice questions;
  2. your score on two paragraphs of analysis;
  3. your score on an essay of literary analysis; and
  4. your cumulative score on a series of reflective, online adversarials, each one built around one of the four tasks of the English Regents Exam.

Use the final exam schedule given to you through our calendar and in the Q4 materials (archived under the appropriate heading on the right of the screen) as a starting point.  Then look over the following exam requirements.

General Requirements

You must complete each portion of the exam itself during the class period.  If you are late, you sacrifice that lost time; if you are entitled to extended time, you will receive it after school in one of the preset periods indicated in the final exam schedule (archived under the appropriate heading to the right of the screen).  For each reflective portion, you will be given a class period with computers; you will then have at least 48 hours to augment your adversarial reflection online.  All reflective work will be completed through this course blog.

Task 1: Listening (5/31)

You will hear a passage read aloud to you twice.  While you listen, you will take notes on main ideas and details.  Then you will answer eight multiple-choice questions.  The reflective work for Task 1 will be completed on 6/1.

Task 2: Reading Comprehension (6/2)

You will read two short passages, and then you will answer twelve multiple-choice questions that test your close reading skills.  The reflective work for Task 2 will be completed on 6/3.

Task 3: Comparative Analysis (6/6)

On 6/3, the day you complete the reflective work for Task 2, you will be given two passages, an essay excerpt and a poem, that deal with one topic.  After reading both over the weekend, you will arrive on 6/6 and complete Task 3.  First, you will answer five multiple-choice questions.  Then you will write two short responses, each one a paragraph responding to a specific prompt:

  1. The first will ask you to use ideas from both passages to establish a controlling idea about their shared topic.  You will be asked to develop your controlling idea using specific examples and details from each passage.
  2. The second will ask you to choose a specific literary element (e.g., theme, characterization, structure, point of view) or literary technique (e.g., symbolism, irony, figurative language) used by one of the authors.  Note that you will not be asked to discuss both authors, but only one.  Then you will be asked to use specific details from that one passage to analyze how the author uses that element or technique to develop the passage.  You may use this adapted document to review literary elements and techniques.  You should also and obviously use your notes from throughout the school year.

The reflective work for Task 3 will be completed on 6/7.

Task 4: Literary Analysis (6/8 and 6/9)

Finally, you will be asked to write a full essay over two days that discusses two works of literature you have read from the particular perspective of a critical lens, which is a quotation that offers some insight into the world around us.  You are required to use Animal Farm; your other work of literature may be chosen from any of the texts we have studied this year (e.g., The Invisible Man, Blake’s poetry, “A Modest Proposal,” Bradbury’s “The Earth Men,” “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”).  You will again be asked to make references to specific literary elements and techniques used by your authors.  Return to your notes and compendia, or use this adapted document to review.  The reflective work for Task 4 will be completed on 6/10.

Our final day of school on 6/13 will be spent preparing for the Regents Exam by reviewing your performance over the previous two weeks.


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